The brand

The know how

The preferred company to enjoy the comfort of pure cotton 0-924 months
The iconic brand of pants and t-shirts has become the benchmark of multigenerational style for babies, children, men and women around the world. Its beautiful material of infinite softness and impeccable cuts cross the seasons. It accompanies us in all moments of life and takes us from childhood to becoming an adult.

A mark of quality
A Petit Bateau clothing is made to be beautiful, but not only beautiful. Built for comfort, it dresses every moment of life. As sweet as a gesture of love, it reassures mothers. Today Petit Bateau is a mark of quality, garments to do things in, for a moment or for life, freely.

A responsible brand
In Petit Bateau, the official suppliers of comfort from 0 to 924 months and guarantees quality offering sustainable products, all trades always undertake further sustainable development. By controlling all stages of production, from choosing the raw material the use of dyes, such as the use of recyclable packaging and eco designs, Petit Bateau takes care of the land it will leave to all the children.

Quality first
At the beginning of each story, of each piece designed and made by Petit Bateau, there is the quality of the yarn, that is cotton, wool, silk or linen chosen for its softness, durability and ease of care. And throughout, a quality checking organization providing constant supervision. For Petit Bateau, clothing is also a garment to do things inside.

For over 115 years, the continuity of highly technical manufacture
The knitting and dyeing are perfected in our factory since 1893, while maintaining the quality and specific requirements at Petit Bateau to maintain the softness and comfort so peculiar to Petit Bateau.

Rigorous testing
Increased comfort, stability after washing, color strength, fabric strength ... each product is rigorously tested before touching on your skin.

Our underwear and sleepwear are carry the Oeko-Tex certificate. This label ensures that they do not contain carcinogenic or allergic substances.